Thursday, January 27, 2005

12 step programs for the likes of me

I realized I had a problem when just one a day wasn't enough. I started shopping around, looking for other places to give me a second, or a third of what I was already getting legitimately from one location. The thrill--the high--didn't last long enough. And then, it wasn't just the frequency of the abuse... I ended up moving on to harder stuff.

One Word of the Day delivered to my inbox wasn't cutting it.

Yes, I'm addicted to words. delivered late at night, and after I've devoured that word, what's left? Nothing but the next blank page in my journal, and a hole in my heart because it wasn't the challenege I thought it would be.

Then there was the Webster dictionary site. Those crazy asses asked me all kinds of statistical data before they'd let me have another word for the day. Where I lived, how many kids I had, whether I owned an actual paper dictionary. Don't they know print is dead?

It wasn't soon after that I didn't want just one word. I wanted many words. Not one word many times a day... many words all at once. Forming sentences even. Like quotes. And I scoured the internet, looking for a place to send THAT to my inbox. Because going to actual websites was too difficult. It was all for naught. But I did write a lot of groovy quotes in my journal.

Not long after, I began thinking to myself... why have just one sentence? What about paragraphs, or entire books even?

These you can't get delivered to your inbox. I would have to get clever. So I started trolling the library's website. And I was using their autorequest feature all the freaking time. And I mean like... all the time. Three AM, even. And I was requesting Malcom Gladwell's Blink and Stephen King all in the same night. It was like... nuts. Out of control. When I ordered some book from 1790 just because I could, I knew it was time for help.

I need to detox from the words, I know that. But they're just so...




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I found you through Call Center Purgatory...great blog! I've also become addicted to learning new words, but I have a hell of a time remembering them. I'm signed up with Merriam-Webster's Word-a-Day, and I'm always disappointed when it's a word I already know. Bah!


9:39 PM  

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