Thursday, January 27, 2005

ADD and bragging rights

I started spelling phoenetic ghetto, and got distracted with my reason for hitting the "create post" button.

I didn't post this a few days ago becuase I thought it would be tasteless. And I've given it much thought and discussion, and decided that while it'd still be tacky, I should go ahead and do it anyways.

Dude, there's someone out there that totally digs my shit.

So, um, yeah, that was a good self esteem boost. And I also totally feel that guy's pain and stuff. I won't go into detail here, but holy crap a dog I can identify with the discourse on his blog.

So thanks, Anonymous. You made my day :)


Blogger AnonymousCog said...

You're welcome.

Keep up the good work.

Sorry about the gender issues-You got that picture of Wayne, I got all confused. Besides, you write like you possess more testicular fortitude than most men.(I'm addicted to words too..)


10:21 PM  

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