Thursday, January 06, 2005

Alias prediction

So, I was waching that scene in the first episode of Alias where Sloan tells the team that he's sure everyone will make Nadia feel welcome. And I told James "Eric and Nadia are SO gunna get together."

He was looking kind of snarky at me because I was also just whining that Eric's not in the black ops unit and I miss him probably more than I was missing Marshal before they brought him in.

Thennnnnnn Eric and Nadia cross paths at Sydney's house, and I'm just looking at him like, uhh huh, baybee.

I feel like I should be making an "Eric and Nadia 4 evah" 'shippers' page.

Which is sad on so many levels I won't dissect them here. Maybe I should just jump off of a bridge in the hopes that my giggly fangrrldom will die with me.


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