Saturday, January 01, 2005

And you wonder why.

Guys wonder why chicks have so much clothes and so many pairs of shoes. But if they cross the path of a woman with only a few durable, multipurposed outfits and comfortable shoes, she's either a lesbian or dowdy, by their interpretation.

Guys wonder why it takes women so long to get dressed for anything, but if she isn't dressed spectacularly and with her makeup done well every time, they think she's is plain and doesn't care about her appearance.

Guys wonder why women are cold all the time. But you want to see her legs, long arms, and the slope of her neck and some hint of spine. Not to mention how harassive you are of a woman who doesn't shave her legs. All that hair keeps the body heat in, dude.

Guys act like insensitive jerks at 'that time of the month,' and wonder why we turn into emotional bitches. You try having your hormones tampered with once a month, get thrown into something excruciating pain and then have to deal with not only the clean-up associated with the whole putrid event, then be expected to go about your normal routine (which is already far more overloaded than your schedule anyways), have to put up with a guy who doesn't realize that you go through this mini-misary every month in some sort of cosmic preparation for the supreme agony of childbirth, regardless of whether you plan on having kids or not.

The point is... cut us some damned slack.


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