Sunday, January 16, 2005

Day Three, or "Why I'm suspicious of the good times"

Weird three days.

Actually got the keys back that were stolen from us on Friday. Didn't get the video game back. Oh well. I'll consider it an acceptable loss, considering we didn't have to pay to have the car and house locks changed. It makes me think twice about going to the shopping plaza again... for anything. I'm tired of dealing with rude, thoughtless self centered teenagers and the other dregs of humanity that come to the plaza from across the river.

I heard Aunt Anne was diagnosed with a similar type of cancer as my sister. I've been thinking a lot lately, even before I found this out, how she used to make honey cakes and bread when I was little, and how that part part of learning how to cook in your Nonna's kitchen is a part of my Italian heritage that's quickly going by the wayside. Cookbooks just aren't the same.

Aunt Elenore died... didn't see that one coming. I hope I get a chance to sing at the funeral. She's done so much for us, and for me, just by her example. And at this point, this is probably the only thing I can give back to her.

James was talking to his dad last night on AIM and his dad managed to casually slip in oh yeah, by the way, they found a cancerous growth on my neck and I'm going in for surgery on Thursday. Way to go there, trying to minimalize it. And only managing by that attempt at minimalization to freak the shit out of James. Hats off to ya.

And I guess that's all for now. Of course, that's more than enough.


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