Thursday, January 27, 2005


yes, my husband's a dickass.

1) He closed my laptop

2) He flipped my laptop over

3) He said what does this button do?

4) I informed him that it would release the battery.

5) He pushed said button.

6) He was surprised when I became upset.

6a) This is because the computer was not plugged in at the time, but I did have a 360 page word document opened, and several AIM windows that I'd rather have prefered not to lose.

6b) He was also surprised when I said thanks for shutting my computer off, dickass.

7) He did not know what I was talking about.

8) I asked him what saves the time on his big bad computer upstairs, whenever he shuts it off, then restarts it.

9) He said that it was a little, itty bitty battery.

10) I informed him that not only was he a dickass, but it was the marginal-sized battery on my machine that helped Mac OS remember what the hell it was doing whenever it went to sleep by some unnamed dickass closing it while his wife is working.

11) He called me a cockholster and asked why I only write bad things about him on the internet.

12) I informed him that I was blogging this.


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