Sunday, January 23, 2005

Don't eat anything bigger than your head... at church

There's this girl in the front row... You know the type, adorable, blonde, wearing a big poofy pink dress and thick black tights, big ol' eyepatch on the left side to correct a lazy eye. Cute as a button. She starts getting a little fussy, mom picks her up and I figure that's the end of it.

I look back a few minutes later, and she's eating what at first looks like a giant muffin, cranberrys and all. But it's square. Like a mini bread loaf, only, um, sqarer. First of all, where did this kid get this giant muffin that's bigger than her tiny little head, and second, why's mom lettiner her munch on it in church? She's like four, she can't go an hour without eating? Why a giant muffin?

I dunno. I feel like I'm the last sane one in a town full of crazies.


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