Thursday, January 20, 2005

embalmed chicken

Ok, I said the food was mediocre. Did I mention the chicken was so overfried that the breading waas a crispy dark brown, almost black. It reminded me of the pictures you see of Ramses, with the dark leathery skin. There wasn't an ounce of moisture left in it. I don't know why that bugs me. It's like it's thrown my universe out of wack.


Just watched last week's Alias and this week's episode, and Eric is now officially my new favorite character. James digs Marshal. Yeah he's funny and all. Of course Sidney is fine, I think she went through a whole episode without crying this week. Jack's a bastard, and I like that about him, but lately his complete and total bastardhood is making me a little uncomfortable. But Eric is the everyman(r). And I'm rooting for him to get the nook nook with Nadia. Everman deserves Hotbabe(r) once in a while.


Did I mention the chicken was like radio active/approaching half life?


What the hell is up with CMT tonight? Every frigging song is some sob-story country tune trying to make me cry. I used to think country was hick music, but I've been listening to it more and more. The top 40 stations kind of make me sick. I'm tired of listening/watching Britney try to "find" herself (didn't know she was lost), and listening to the Britney wanna be's allow themselves to be exploited. I'm tired of the disrespect that the men show the women and vice versa. They have no respect for anyone's basic humanity. They're not artists and barely musicians. Being able to play an instrument and rhyme words doesn't make you an artist. Bach is an artist. Maria Callis is an artist. You are a fucking self involved teenager who thinks that people actually care about the shit you spew out as lyrics, the shit you wear and call clothes and the shit that you call an educated, well informed opinion.

I can't stand the superficiality. Sure country has a very tiny sphere of subject matter that it covers, but family, work and drinkin' beer are a hell of a lot easier for me to associate with than plastic girls (ever notice how Britney looks like Skipper Barbie? Does that disturb anyone else) with more money than I'll ever see throwing rich girl tantrums.


The chicken haunts my dreams.


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