Sunday, January 23, 2005

Fiery chasms and all that jazz

I watched the Steelers game for over a quarter, and the more I sat there, the worse they did. I haven't been able to watch a game the entire season for that reason--my nerves can't handle it, first of all. And second of all, I'm a bad luck charm. I got up and came in here about 5 min ago, and about three minutes ago my husband came in and told me they were in the red zone. He thinks that if I actually went to a game, the entire team would be consumed in a fiery chasm (pronounced ch-AZ-um)or cut down with uzi's (oo-SHI). The devistation would be reminmiscent of Jen-jus Kahn. Ok, that was mean and unfair to the senator who speeks in a strange New England dialect of Eletist Snob.

(On a seperate note, I can say with quiet confidence, after living in NE for a year and a half, that even the poor kids were snobs. It was unreal. I also found a shoe containing a foot and not much else in a swamp near our house. I think it was a mob hit.)

So, I've been relegated to the kitchen to do something ghastly like try to finish the g-d book. It's kinda nippy. I keep warming my widdle fingers over the candles I lit to get rid of the smell of yuck. I turned the heat down this morning to keep the heating costs low, since it's 5 degrees in town right now. And then James just put it down more. There is much coldness within me.

Nevermind. It's like 24-3 and they're pouring cold water on Ben's thumb. Y'know, the one that he said wasn't a problem last week. I think he was shittin' everyone because he didn't want anyone gunning for his hand. Oh well, guess we'll see what Tommy cann do. I'm not full of hope right now. The feller makes good barbique sauce, but he's not the greatest quarterback.

Man, if only we weren't losing to New England. Then I'd have better self esteem right now.


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