Saturday, January 22, 2005

How to make yourself narcaleptic

Yeah, someone found my site by searching for that. Um, I dunno. I didn't have to MAKE myself narcaleptic, persay. I came from the factory that way.

Lets see if I can mess with the search engines. Ok.

Shit fishsticks are sexually harassive vampire valentines for crossover-laden wolf ridley scott cross-dressing gay ship decks. Sometimes, in the blistery heat of pikachu luvin' you have to fuck with oily grilled spam meta tags to draw oblong monkey tails clipped with pink my little pony barettes to your terminally spandex laden web log. So that they may feel the full molestation of lana lang on a leather cow killing couch and wearing a fluffy eye poking pink sweater of fathomless dispair. Sometimes, late at night I stick strawberry shortcake and worms in my lathered ears so as to fill my cranial cavity with mutated anemic masses to help me imagine thinking.

The cool thing is, all those sentences diagram, baybee! Oh yeah, back that ass up!

he he he. take that, GOOGLE!


Blogger chewy said...

that's hysterical. you'll have to keep us posted on how many hits you get due to that post.

1:50 AM  
Blogger Gretchen said...

You're either making me cry or you're making me laugh. Quit jerking with my emotions, woman! :) (Just kidding!)

1:41 AM  

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