Thursday, January 06, 2005

I'm doing it again

I always take on more stuff than I should, and end up rushing to and fro. EJ called and asked if I could cantor Saturday night, and I said yes. Why do I do that? There goes Saturday, first of all. I might actually get to the gym before hand, but now I just shouldn't go becuase I'll be too exhausted to sing. Then I have to go straight from my voice lesson down town to the church, spend like two hours there, then go home, and oops, look, the day's over. Not to mention James is ushing on Sun, so I'll end up going back anyways, and if I'm going back with James, I might as well sing with the choir because they need all the help they can get.

Oh yeah, and I got a slight nudging reprimand for last Saturday. Aparently some folks came up to EJ and expressed that my top was "inappropriate." I agree, sorry I offended anyone. I had a sweater on, but it was unbearably hot in the church. Like hotter than it ever had been. And the cantor podium seems to be the concentration of this hotness. Fortunately I was wearing a chemise under the sweater. Unfortunately, it had spaghetti straps and was black. Which isn't bad if you're wearing a black bra. Sadly, I was wearing a bright pink bra. So they saw the little strappies, and it hurt their widdle eyes. Which, I'm sorry for, kind of. It finally got cold enough after about half an hour of having the windows opened and I was able to put the sweater back on, but aparently I scalded their little eyes. I'm not sorry I was hot. I'm shallow enough to be sorry that they now think less of me as a person. Oh well. That's life as a shallow, depressive person.


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