Thursday, January 20, 2005

It totally didn't suck.

I had low hopes for the Phantom of the Opera movie, the musical wasn't exactly the tightest script in the world, and Joel Schumacker makes me sad (see Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. I'm still in therapy over those movies).

Granted it did have some cheeseball moments (Raoul leaping onto a white horse and riding bareback with his undershirt whipping open in the snow), and it had a very WB sort of quality to it (they deaged everyone about 10 years, Christine is like 17, Raoul is in his early 20's, fresh-faced and looking like he should be doing a Neutrogina commercial). But all-in-all, it was more than I was hoping for. They certainly did fill out a few areas in the plot and story that I thought were a little thin.

I liked some of the thing they managed to add from the book, like the room of mirrors, and the freak show stuff.

The sword fight was a nice touch. It certainly made Raoul less of a pansy-ass. At the end of the stage production, you're rooting for the phantom to just put Raoul out of your own misary. The movie at least gave you a short period of being torn between the two characters before you start to see just how messed up the phantom is. He'da had a chance if he wasn't a complete mental case.

Oh well. I had fun with my sister. Might try to pick up the sound track.


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