Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Losing my stones.

Last Christmas, when I was in KS visiting my husband's family, I found this cute little man-made emerald necklace at Walmart. I purchased said cute necklace, and all was well until early spring when one day I went to put the necklace on before work, and saw the little heart was sitting awkwardly in the gold. I tried to make it fit back in, but it ended up popping out, and ended up living a sad little life in the bottom of my jewelry box.

I found this awesome pair of huge cubic zarconia earrings that looked like big diamonds. I wore them all the time, costume jewelry is just fine by me, especially with my luck. Cute is cute. So we were moving, and I don't know whether I was wearing them and took them off, or if we happened to find them somewhere in the course of moving, but they ended up on the floor and James or I stepped on one of them, and completely warped the metal. The stone is in the front pouch of my backpack, waiting to meet up with the little emerald in my jewelry box. To do what, I don't know.

Cut to today. Well, maybe two days ago. When I put on the really nifty necklace my SIL gave me for Christmas, I got the chain closed, then got my finger caught in the chain, and ripped it from my neck. This is a day after I accidently ripped another necklace off my neck at bed time, when I sat up with it caught on my hair.

SO anyways, the necklace my SIL gave me. Not sure what the name of the stone is, but it's dark, and sparkles green and purple. I put it on another chain today, and my voice teacher pointed out that she thought it was nice, and then I get to work, and readjust it so the clasp is in the back. It is then that I feel four little prongs on my fingertips. The STONE fell out somewhere between down town and here. Which leaves the pizza shop, the post office, the car and all the sidewalks in between as possible places where the stone could have fallen out. And as always, I'll haveta check my bra. Things end up in there, sometimes. Like, what the hell?

And what the heck am I going to do with all these lost little stones, anyways?


Blogger Gretchen said...

I too have a little broken jewelry graveyard in my jewelry box. I keep hoping that some day I'll actually get around to fixing it all. Never gonna happen.

5:55 PM  

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