Friday, January 07, 2005


This is taken from an article in the Hollywood Reporter:

"Kate Bosworth is in negotiations to play the Man of Steel's plucky fellow
reporter, and Kevin Spacey is set to play the superhero's nemesis in Bryan
Singer's Superman movie for Warner Bros. Pictures."

1) I like the Kevin Spacey idea. I think he'd do interesting things with the part.

2) I don't exactly see Kate Bosworth as Lois. She seems a little to fragile and girly. It could be because she weighs like 20 lbs or something, I don't know. I definately like the girl playing Lois on Smallville. She has the right amount of sweetness and ass kicking. It's fun to watch her slowly drive Clark crazy. I'm not sure sweet little Kate has that much energy or rabidity in her.

3) Plucky? Who says plucky any more? Are we talking like... Plucky Duck from Tiny Tunes? Because that's the first thing I think of when I hear that word. Plucky, to me, implies something kind of sweet and impish, but with a lot of bubbly energy. All kinds of good, wholesomy apply pie kind of things. says "Having or showing courage and spirit in trying circumstances." Which is still probably a lot more happy go lucky than I see that character.

Come on, we're talking about someone who tells Superman not to leave his dirty clothes in random doorways through out the apartment! Someone HE is scared of pissing off. We're not talking about some cute kid from Iowa whom you pat on the head and tell her how adorable she is.

Maybe she was "plucky" in the 50's or something, but come on, get a real word.


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