Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Sleep would be good.

I'm really tired. Of course, trying to go to bed early failed. That's just how it works. I ended up going to bed at 2, which is my normal bed time. It wasn't so great for someone who had to be up at 7. We managed to stagger out of bed at 7:30, and were late getting on the road. I was afraid that they'd start without us, since we were late, but everyone else was late too. I think Bill and Tim were the only ones there when we got there. They did hold everything though, and we started about an hour later than everything was intended to. We said our last goodbyes and then we drove to the church. The funeral didn't start until 11. Then it was up to the cemetary. Only it was too snowy and wet, so we had the final service at the church just off the property of the cemetary. That brought back some memories. I sang at their 50th wedding anniversary (almost 8 years ago) at that church. Every time we had the family reunion the Saturday after Christmas, we had it at the little social hall on the church property. Eleanor and Tim used to live above it until this last year. We had the get-together with food thing in the big hall at that church after my grandfather's funeral. Eleanor cooked and organized for that.

The food afterwords was OK. It was a catered job, done at the Moose lodge. It wasn't anything like Eleanor could pull together. She was so good at planning things, especially parties and get togethers.

I still can't believe it. Then again, I have trouble grasping that my grandfather's gone, and how many years has it been?

I'd like to take a nap, but I have to make some dinner for James and take it up to him. There was always leftovers at those things, but it being a catered deal they wisked the food away. Which is OK. I don't think any of it was good enough to really want to share with others.


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