Monday, January 17, 2005

Teddy Grahams in the hymnals; old folks in the cry room.

I don't get it. Of course, I don't have kids. Maybe someone with kids can explain it to me.

I can tolerate a lot of things, kids talking in the pews at church, crying in the pews, not getting their way in stores, being forced to do horrible things like share and sit in their stroller.

I just have no tolerance for the "eaters" and the "players" at church. You know the ones I'm talking about... The ones who's parents shove bag after bag of cerial, and tippy cup after tippy cup of juice into their hands at church to keep them distracted. And the players. Bless their itty bitty hearts--they either have a hundred and fifty legos they're trying to swallow/get under other people's feet, or they have their entire Polly Pocket play set in the pew. Makes me absolutely bonkers.

That's distracting to me, first of all. Whether I'm in the pew or I'm at the cantor podium.

Second of all, I HATE having to pick that stuff up after mass. I go through the pews as a purely selfish act--the sooner all the hymnals and misselets are put back in order, the sooner my husband gets to leave. The last thing I want is to end up with a hand full of abandoned and sometimes half-eaten food. I actually found Teddy Grahams IN a music issue today.

Playing with the books I don't have a problem, as long as they're not being allowed to outright deface them. I figure if they're playing with the book, they're getting interested in the book and familiar with it, so that when they're ready to read, they'll remember the misselette is their friend, not their enemy. However, I kinda draw the line at leaving food and leggos inside of them for someone else to deal with. I know parents arn't busy, and arn't noticing what their kids are doing at every moment--but come on.

I don't understand why a kid older than three has to have food in church. The only kids with food in church, IMHO are little ones who CANT go an hour without eating, or who're going to go nuts if their food schedule is interrupted. I also don't understand why kids have fifteen toys in the pews. When I was a kid, I wasn't allowed to take ANY toys into church, and I lived. My mom stood in the back of the church with me a lot, I remember, but I lived. Occationally I'd see a kid with a stuffed animal, or a little kid with a chew toy. None of this Barbie and Barbie's entire wardrobe, or My Little Pony, and everyone elses' little pony as well. Or the kid I saw today--the ENTIRE Polly Pocket town.

Like I said I don't have kids. And I'm being TOTALLY judgmental when I say this--I don't think it does any good in the long run to just destract the kid for an hr every week because you don't want to deal with teaching them WHY we're quiet in church, and what type of behavior is respectful--or WHY we're respectful. Of course, some of those parents, by the way they show up dressed and don't participate, probably arn't sure why they should be respectful either. I think you're setting a precident for the kids to grow up into distracted gradeschoolers and middleschoolers. Especially when they're ten or thirteen and have no toys to destract them. Then you end up fighting with them because they want to bring their walkman to church, or play games on their cell phone durring the homily, because they don't know HOW to get anything out of it.

I think that's why the old people are starting to sit in the cry room. Just tired of dealing with the rude people surrounding them, whispering and chatting it up before church or while everyone's getting up for communion... who needs the hassle? I'd be in there too. It's soundproof, and there arn't any KIDS whining and fussing in there about not getting their way.

I know, I know. I should just worry about me. But it's something that annoys me.

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Blogger Gretchen said...

Whoa, girl, you've been on a posting BINGE! I swear I checked your site twice last night, nothing new, and then this morning: BAM! :)

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