Monday, January 24, 2005

Which one's the colon?

I'm not sure how to answer this question. At first I wanna make an ass joke, and my hopes that he's not a medical student. That'd be reasonable, right?

But then I just become depressed when I realize that he wants to know which little punctuation mark is the colon. Because he's in graduate school and does not know the difference between a semi colon and a colon. And I become sad. But also thankful for that teacher I had in 7th grade, who's name I think was Ms. Fisher, with her frazzled midnight black hair, palid, creased features of a woman unwilling to admit her age and fire engine red lipstick and finger nails, who insisted we spend the whole of the year diagramming sentences. And the overhead projections, and being nauseous from the smell of hamburger meat and fromaldihide from biology before lunch, then practically begging for a Jolly Rancher from her good kid cauldron because I wanted to taste something in my mouth besides embalmed frogs and bovine muscle mixed with finely chopped cow intestines and fried to within an inch of it's un-life. Oh wait, that's a gross memory about diagramming sentences. But that's not the point. I'm really good at abusing punctuation. Use it early, use it often.

And as for Punctuation Boy... mumma mia. That's all I hav eto say, really.


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