Monday, February 21, 2005


Yes, I commited a punctuational sin, sue me.


Dude, I've had 56 hits today. The bar graph showing site usage is like off the chart for today. Which is AMAZING to me. Yesterday I had only 11, and the Friday before last I had a grand total of 0. Where're you peeps coming from??

(well besides the gratuitous number of yahoo searches involving Rachael Ray's boobs... there're so many of them it isn't even worth posting any more).

Like, no. Really. It's not that I am a doggie that needs constant reinforcement, but it'd be cool to know who reads this blog, etc. Communicating with people is good and stuff. And when you know who your audience is, you can do it better. Kommunikatin' iz funn.


Blogger Linds said...

LOL. You have now received communication. Congrats! (Actually, I just was randomly flipping though Blogs and found your site. Quite entertaining!) Enjoy!

2:07 AM  
Blogger Linds said...

Oh... and if you ever want to be able to track visitors like a spy/stalker (I know I enjoy it) go get sitemeter instead. I use it at my site, and it lets you see 'referrals' meaning the blog the viewer last viewed- generally their own. Later!

2:15 AM  

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