Friday, February 04, 2005

The bathroom keeps getting weirder.

First it was a hair brush.

Then it was a hair brush and a huge can of hairspray. One was left above a perch above one sink, the other on the next sink. That was a little strange. The floors are white, the walls are white, the bathroom is immaculately clean, and maring the restroom landscape were these hair things.

Next came the floss, sitting in the bottom opening of the long-defunct tampon machine.

But wait, it gets weirder. On top of the tampon machine there came to be ANOTHER bottle of hairspray, this one with flexable hold. And garbage bags. There were garbage bags on top of the tampon dispencer.

Toothpaste appeared and disappeared, so did the ceramic coffee mug. Then there came to be one stainless steel mug, then another.

This build up happened over the course of many months. I would say unnoticably, except for the fact it was beginning to look like a dorm suit bathroom.

Then came the curling irons. Two of them. Both one inch in diameter, and both living in the unused stainless steel feminine napkin waste basket bolted to the wall right across from the stalls. That gave me pause. Why two curling irons? Why one inch? Isn't the stigma of that being a feminine napkin waste receptical enough to keep one from putting one's hair appliances in there? This last bit was so odd, that when the hand cream and mouth wash reappeared, I didn't batt an eye.

Perhaps I should be checking in closets and unused offices, to see who's living in the office.


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