Monday, February 28, 2005

big hair, fracking snow and crisp cotton

SO I decided that I'd weather the storm (ha ha) of this nasty-ass winter better if my cubicle were festive and cheerful. I bought clover tinsil and strung it up around my desk (which I'm sure I'll find out is an unforgiveable work-sin, that's just my rotten luck). I also bought an air freshener. "Crisp Cotton" is what it's supposed to smell like. Mostly it just smells like dryer sheets. I've discovered that my happiness levels are directly affected by what my environment smells like. I'm a happier person when I can't smell whatever someone's obliterating in the microwave in the kitchen. Once, someone caught a styrophome cup on fire. It smelled... um... unique for a while. Ok, so it was olfactory torture. Like I said, my nose knows.

I don't have the usb cable for my camera at this exact moment, but I have a picture of my EVEN BIGGER hair. I didn't dry it. In fact, I left today with my head in a towel (I'm not proud of that. I'm even less proud of the fact that the totally soaked towel is in my car, turning into a frozen towel sculpture in my back seat). There's no controling the hair. And I know I'm a lazy fuck who's just too lazy to make phone calls and stuff, which is why I am a month and a half past my due date for my hair appt, and I still don't have one. It's also why I haven't been to the dentist in almost a year. It would require calling and making an appt with one, and then I'd have to KEEP it. Well, I'd better do something. My wisdom teeth are making me smart. And my therapist. Lets not talk about my therapist. And how my husband marched into her office and made me an appt because it's been a month and a half and I just haven't called to schedule one.

You see, calling people on the telephone means TALKING to them. And that'd be against my nature. Grr. Arg. I'm a hardcore introvert. Fanatically so. Sometimes I think that autistic people are better at inter-personal relationships than I am.

Lets see, what else?

Oh yeah, the fricking snow. It's fricking snowing. A-fricking-gain. I'd have a picture of that for ya too, if I fricking had my fricking cable for my fricking camera...

Oh well. I'm about 1/4 of the way through The Exorcist, so I guess I'd better get back to reading. And water my poor little ivy plant. It's been sad and alone since this weekend.


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