Sunday, February 20, 2005

Depression Level: Phantom of the Opera, Redux

See, I was just mostly apathetical the last few weeks. Confrontation and conflict just take way too much energy. First of all, we live in a world where no one sees the need to even consider submitting to an authority above one's own self. I suspect that the totality society, crime and punishment, relationships, etc., is just a loose association of external consequences for behavior. People tend not to do something because it is the right thing to do. The most likely answer is that people act upon how said consequences will affect their own immediate gains or losses. Being nice to people certainly produces a favorable consequence, they are nice to you. But what about situations in which there is no external regulatory process? When one lives in an impersonal society that is afraid to mention when someone has trod upon the norms of acceptable practice in social interractions, most people will not say anything. A person fears running the risk of negative external feedback if one attempts to speak out against someone disrupting the norms accepted behavior. "Who the hell are you to judge ME?" and all that crap.

I have a rough time at the 9am mass on Sundays. It's not that there're a lot of kids there, it's that that their parents allow them to run apeshit-wild. And I don't mean amok, up and down the aisles, or anything like that. I mean last Sunday when there was the 12 yr old girl sitting in the second pew, reading a hardback plastic covered library edition of God knows what novel. During the readings and the homily it was annoying, especially in light of the girl's mother sitting right there. Why the hell would you sit in the second row, if your kid's passing time reading a book as though she were in a doctor's office waiting room. During the consecration this continued. She had it tucked under the lip of the pew in front of her, as though no one could see it that way. If I could see her at the cantor's podium, I'm sure I wasn't the only one. THAT gave me an ikky feeling inside.

I see kids playing with toys, kids that are, in my opinion, too old to be needing distraction. I think it sets a dangerous precident for kids, telling them that they HAVE to be entertained all the time. Then they wonder why their kids can't pay attention in school. If you spend every waking moment of ever day gobbling up eye candy, don't be surprised when your mind becomes diabetic and you spend the rest of your fricking life on ADD medication. What the hell happened to teaching kids personal dicipline?

Then there's the kids with the baggies of cerial in the pews. Unless you need bottle-fed, IMHO, you should be able to go an hour without eating. First of all, you're giving kids an overeating disorder, and second of all, you're distracting them with food.

It started out with the toddlers and their little tupperware containers and sippy cups. That was bad, I thought. LAZY PARENTING, I thought. Oh no. We've reached new levels of things that make my head explode.

I noticed the kids were starting to get older, four then five, then six... and the "snacks" became more complex. It wasn't cerial, it was crackers. Then there were cheese on those crackers. Then today, I saw a five year old in the front row gnawing for half an hour on what looked like a really tasty cookie. That was painful. It was distracting, it made me angry that the parents wern't taking mass seriously and wern't teaching their kids to take mass or religion or their faith seriously. Why bother coming if you're not going to take it seriously and put effort into it?? Do you think that showing up every sunday and putting in your hour is going to somehow get you a late-register ticket to the Harry Potter Release Party in the sky??

Ok. I thought that was the epitomy of bad. I thought it couldn't get any worse than that girl spreading out with her entire Polly Pocket collection in the pews every week, spreading five different play sets across every square inch of bench. I thought it couldn't get worse when I saw her gnawing on a chocolet chip cookie for half an hour today. But no. It actually gets WORSE.



That was my head exploding. There just wasn't enough duct tape in the entire world to keep all the pieces together after I saw that. Seeing someone eating a plate of pancakes durring The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass makes my head do that. It also sums up pretty susinctly what's wrong with society and parenting today. Yeah, I say that as a non-parenting entity. However, when I was a kid, we were able to go an hour without toys and without a Denny's Grand Slam breakfast in the freaking pew.

(My blog really is just about me bitching. This is the most I've written in two weeks)


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