Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Fifteen minutes, a thousand words, and my sanity.

So, I'm trying to impose some dicipline on my writing life. Learning how to spell would be a good start, but why do that when Word is more than willing to do it for me (except those times when it autocorrects to the totally wrong word, and I don't notice it until my husband mocks me). However, that is not for today. I will learn how to spell after I have the ADD -and- the Dyslexia beaten out of me with a rubber hose.

I've been trying to built ye olde vocabulary my meticulously writing out the word of the day that I get from and from I don't feel smarter. Then I was reading this book on writing... you see, this is how all of my depressing stories start... but at least this time it's by an author I respect... so anyways, he says not to "try" to improve your vocabulary, just read more and you'll osmosis it. There goes one idea down the drain.

And I've been trying to write a little every day, and be a little stricter with myself in regards to this. It's been way easier after forcing almost 2k words out of myself for an entire month, then actually finishing the stupid manuscript. 1000 or 2k words is way less scary. The frightening part is in knowing that I'll have to sit down, clear my head and make myself do it. Getting myself into the happy fun place where the writing comes from is half the battle (Yo Joe. Other half's violence, btw). Said author who wrote said book on writing said (ha ha) to make a word quota for yourself and make yourself stick to it. Hmm. We'll see how that goes. I think my widdle brain exploded on the fiction front. I wrote THE END and that was it, my brain collapsed. So now I'm left with... um... I don't know. Maudlin, over-inflated memoir blog posts about all the yikky times in my life.

Ok, Tomorrow's the day I go back to writing about Bob. Poor Bob has been stuck at the DMV since like this summer, becuase I put Bob and his stalker away and never took them back out again, which was quite wrong of me. I'm sure he's hungry by now, and would like some nice tasty warm brains. *sigh.* Sincerest apologies, Bob. I'll get right back on it. I swear.

And write better blog entries. I swear I'll do that too.

So um... what kind of stuff do you people like?? Should I save the maudlin shit for my journal, or what? I feel like I have nothing interesting to put forth anyways, so I just sorta spew everything out here.


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