Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I couldn't make up this shit.

%22 lawn chair porn%22 (Google)
monolog about molestation (Google)
bartleby the scrivinger (Google)

My soul is laughing, deep inside.

The sad thing is, however, that no one finds my site because they are actually looking for my site. It goes back to why I have 50 gmail invites to get rid of, methinkst.


Blogger shinigami.no.baka said...

Google is one of the most innovative inventions EVER since sliced bread but it can be such a bitch when you actually want something specific and it spits up a gazillion other things that are nowhere really related to what you're looking for.

Avid Maraverse fan. It is one of the spootiest AUs along with Potatoverse. If it wasn't for your mailing list, I think that I would have simply kept myself in denial about you actually updating. Thank TPTB for email! And Yahoo!groups.

11:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should name your sight something haveing to do with Ebay...

I bet you'll be at least on page one with any luck and a little time...

I got top of the list if anyone decides to look for impractical pragmatism any time soon.


11:53 PM  

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