Thursday, February 03, 2005

More statistical goodness--this thing is like crack to me.

I fricking love having a statistic tracker on my site. I highly reccomend it. The results will amuse you for fricking HOURS. I only had one Rachael Ray boob search this weekend. Which is disappointing. 7 of my last 10 searchs used to consistantly somehow encompass Rachael Ray and her mellons, or Ms. Ray and some kind of fetish. I dunno. People're wrong like that.

To the dude (or chick--I don't judge) from Philly who's looking for maraverse... send e-mail, man, I'll hook you up off-list. I think it's cool that someone that someone's googling something I wrote. It does wonders for my virtually non-existant self esteem.

Sorry to the dude looking for mojong. Not sure I've ever actually typed the word mojong on this site. I play it once in a while, but I thought that was a deep dark secret (popcap games--my secret shame. Oh yeah, and sometimes I watch The Secret Adventures of Jules Vern). Ditto for the poor nerdling looking for a fantacy character name generator. Life is lived between the rolls of the dice, my friend. It is not the roll itself.

I wonder how the heck my stuff comes up so high in the list sometimes.

Anyways, while you're eating your shit fishsticks and slurping down your deer grogg, munch on these googlies. I'll sit back and think to myself... UURRCH?

fantacy name generator (AltaVista) [put down the mountain dew. fer real.]

Suicidal (Google) [sorry, man. please seek help. been there, its not pretty]

mojong games free play (Yahoo) [were life but a popcap game]

tammy (Yahoo) [sorry, dude from Cyprus. come back again soon.]

maraverse (Google)[awesome, rhok on.]

casket skirt blouse (Google)[sad, or scared, what do you think?]

narcaleptic (Google)[he. he. nothing to say here. it's just funny.]

pictures iceream melting (Google)[oh baybee-you can melt my icecream any day]

lillies (Google) [have i ever mentioned lillies on my site? I don't recall]

fakes rachel ray (Google) [yum hum. that's what i'm talkin' about. food porn]

Ok, so now that you're never going to look at my site ever again because of my obsession with statistics and my propencity to talk in Roy Harper Speak late at night, or be my friend, if you were my friends (waves goodbye to Ted and Joel) I can go off and google myself. Or something.

God, did that sound dirty.

Any googling that happens in this household is happy, healthy googling that takes place within the confines of marriage. It's holy googling. Really.


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