Friday, February 18, 2005

Nothing to say

Yup. Got nothin' to say. Which is weird for me. Usually I have something to bitch about, some thought on my mind. Mostly I just keep thinking about how getting upset about something would require too much effort. So would thinking of something to write about for real. I have go grocery shopping tomorrow. Maybe I'll take some pics of down town and post 'em. There's a pretty good view of parts of down town from my voice teacher's offices. Maybe I'll remember to bring my camera. Remembering to do things that I mean to do is always difficult. I get frustrated with myself as it is, every time I forget to do something. I can't imagine how I'd handle getting dementia or alzheimers or something. Which is something that I think about now and again, considering my grandfather on my dad's side died from it, and my grandmother on mom's side has had dementia for about ten years, and she was just diagnosed with the early stages of alzheimers. I should visit her this weekend. I can't believe I haven't even thought about doing that in a while. I regretted not being able to physically get there when my grandfather was in the nursing home, becuase it was so far away, and I was only able to go a few times. I regretted it when Ray was in the hospital. Now I have a fricking car, and I just don't make time or think about it. What's wrong with me?


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