Monday, February 21, 2005

Poor, deluded child.

Had Art after school today.. infact, I have art after school like every tuesdays and wednesdays! *sighs* lol..
Anywayz, been chillin out at home.. watched Oh Carol, Lightyears and Smallville!! Oohh I just lurveee Smallville! I never miss it! Glad that Clark's back! Omg.. its so sad when Clark said he's not the right guy for Lana and stuff.. But like duh! they're so gonna be together in the end! hehe...Can't wait for next week's episode! ohh can't wait for Charmed either! And its 2mrw on Star World.. yeah! OH yeah and American Idol's 2mrw too! lol.. So there's like 2 good shows ta watch 2mrw! alrighty, I gotta go now.. l8erz..

From Cosmogurl. Cute kid, I'm SURE. But REALLY. What planet are you living on that you don't know who Clark ends up with??? I like Smallville as much as the next twenty-stomething who really shouldn't be watching a Fresh Faced WB show to begin with, but I didn't even start out with the expectation that the condition for the possibility existed that there was even HOPE of those two ending up together. HELLLLLLO??? Superman, Lois Lane... romance of mythic proportions.

If you didn't figure that out from oh... I don't know... our cultural collective consciousness, then maybe old reruns of Lois and Clark on TNT can help.

But if that's not the case, let me drop the clue bomb on you.

Children today.



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