Friday, February 25, 2005

Status report

I went to the gym during lunch because I was thoroughly restless, angsty and needing to work off some aggression. Y'know, better on gym equipment than people. I worked it pretty hard, I did the crunch machine twice as long as normal, I did some other things twice. All my muscles hurt, but I didn't break much of a sweat. Weird.

Pablo and I kissed and made up. Appeared to be just a misunderstanding, which is good.

There's a really awesome muky red full moon out tonight. It looks like you're staring into the top of a glass of merlot. If you get a chance, go outside and take a look. Completely worth it. I'd take a pic, but I don't have a tripod and there's NO way I can keep the camera steady while the iris sits open for an expanse of time equivocal to being in purgatory till the end of time.

Well, that and I was on a lot of drugs in high school (I really do keep meaning to tell this story, I do) so my hands shake all the time, so not only could I not hold it still if I even WANTED to, I'm a terrible shot with a handgun. When I'm the supreme ruler of the universe (or just the Island of TLBadia) sawed off shotguns will be legal.

Think fluffy, happy, bunny thoughts.


Blogger Sandee said...

Cool place you have here :)


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