Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Stuff I never finished: the top ten list.

1) I used to contribute monthly reviews of two different ongoing comic titles to this one site, but stopped after not even six months right after I got married. Mostly this is something I regret stopping. I like having deadlines and stuff.

2) I had stuff to make stockings at Christmas but was too busy writing to do it. I realize now that I should have never bought the stuff, that I was being overly ambitious. Chalk this up as another personal flaw of mine.

3) That short story. You know that one. About Bob the zombie. The one that got me in trouble in that writing class. I really DO mean to finish it. Some day.

4) Why have I started crocheting a blanket? I don't know. The scary part is that I'm almost half way done.

5) Chicago--I bought a used copy of the movie so that I could watch it. That was before we even moved. And it just keeps sitting there. I'm a dunce.

6) I keep meaning to get hanging plants for the house. I have all these hooks, two in the dining room and two on the porch, and no plants to hang upon them. This makes me sad.

7) Under the table in my den is a bag containing fabric for a cotton chemise that I started--and half finished--two and a half years ago. All the stupid parts just need sewn together.

8) Those jackets, laying on top of the bag containing the mutilated chemise parts. The ones I started removing the shoulder pads and excess lining of and never finished. All I need to do is finish ripping it out, for pete sakes, then taylor the sides. Two hours work, tops. Been sitting on the floor for six months, tops.

9) Actually use iCal and the address book on my machine. I started. It lasted like 5 min.

10) Quote of the day--that ended real darned quick, didn't it?


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