Saturday, February 26, 2005

Surely a sign of the end times.

My teacher said that my voice lesson went well today. Therefore you should all start looking up in the sky for Jesus coming back on a cloud and stuff. I took some pics but the camera is in the car. So that'll haveta wait till I get off my ass and go get my purse. Purse is such a sissy word, ever notice? Remember--Judas kept the money purse for the apostles, and we know how THAT turned out. I should say bag instead. I have to go get my BAG. My HAND bag.

Yeah. Moving right along. Exhausted. Have I mentioned that?? Who'd have guessed shopping could be so hardcore. Went grocery shopping, bla bla bla, bought a cheeseburger at Burger King.... I ate exactly half of it. I'm reminded a) why I don't like burger king and b) why most hamburgers just suck. There's that whole part where it tastes like flavorless ground beef. I couldn't even taste the katchup. It was like a vacuum of flavor that absorbed all flavor that could have once eminated from the lone pickle on top.

Um... yeah. Also trying to figure out why the bread always colapses in my breadmaker. I think a) we're doomed b) it's the trains and possibly c) aliens come and stomp their feet to make my bread crash.


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