Sunday, March 13, 2005

First of all, they're stalking me.

Time for the Sunday rant. Firstly, the people who sit in the front pew are at whatever mass I go to. It doesn't matter. Second, even MOM, who doesn't notice ANYTHING said " I see what you're saying." A few minutes later she asked if that girl (y'know, the one sprawled out in the aisle with a marker and a single sheet of paper she was coloring on--or through) was wearing a nightgown to church. I just nodded and said y'know... nine weeks outta 10. Cuz, y'know, going to mass two hrs later and having your child dressed would be difficult. I suspect she's the same type of parent that'll let her overtired child scream and cry in the mall because SHE wasn't done shopping.

There's a certain alto that drives me nuts. She's pushy, she wants to do everything her way, and wants to do all the cantoring, etc... and doesn't really have the tallent to back up how pushy she is. I remember why I dropped out of choir in the first place. I don't need her treating me like a 5 year old who need to be asked "do you have this, do you have that" or "that's lower that you think," if I mess something up. Yeah, that's great. The director knows I messed it up, *I* know I messed it up, and we're going to correct it. I don't need your "help" or editorial comments. I asked for a binder today and I got this whole litany about how there isn't one, and what number am I and oh someone else has it, and do you have a hymnal? Do you have a misslette? Like, y'know, I'm not capable of picking up one out of a pew myself. Mumma fricking Mia. And I'd only been up for like 15 minutes at that point (got up a little, no, a lot late) so I was my normal grouchy self and not in the mood to deal with her. Two and a half or three hours of rehersal one night a week in addition to 45 min before mass would drive me nuts. Coming in late and spending 20 minutes in her presence drives me to drink.

On a seperate note... that pork pizza was good.


Blogger Abby said...

You're giving me additional ammo as to why I despise going to church. Love the idea, hate what you have to deal with.

6:07 PM  
Blogger laurenbove said...

Church makes me lurch.

What's Pork Pizza by the way? I'm intrigued.

Tell the pushy broad that she's harshing your mellow and to take a chill pill for goodness sake! Singing is supposed to be fun.


4:14 PM  

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