Monday, March 14, 2005

I have an idea... actually USE the info in that field, if you require it.

Yeah. I filled out this application and it had a field for Mr/Ms/Miss/Mrs. so I selected Mrs. Me being married and all. So I get my acceptance letter (we talked about how it felt cheep because it was just an e-mail, right?) and it says Ms. T--- G--- at the top. Like, da hell. Why did you ask for that information if you wern't going to use it??

It's like when you call ANY of your utilities, and they ask for a zillion pieces of information to be punched in before you can talk to a human being. They ask for your account number, social security number, zipcode, the billing phone number, bla bla bla. Then you get an actual human being on the phone. And they ask you for all that info again. Not because they're confirming identity, but so they can pull up your account for the first damned time. Why the hell do they ask? I dunno.


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