Friday, March 11, 2005

Last post for the night, swear. Subtitle: greed is good.

And what's up with the recut version of The Passion of the Christ?? It better be even MORE violent. Cuz I'll be megapissed(r) if this currently "unrated" version is just a PG cut. Well, I'll be less upset if Mel Gibson did it for the money... I mean, if you wanna get the money and the *cough* message out to people who wouldn't see it before because it was too violent, then that's one thing. But if you're caving because people in the industry or a bunch of pansy whiners said that it's SOOOOO wrong that you have a Rated R Jesus movie , then that's just being a weak sissy man. I'm happier with the idea that Mel is fleecing people.

(btw, heard anyone b-tching lately that it's anti-semetic? no. didn't think so. y'see, that movie spoke the only language that those types of people are fluent in --$$. Keep in mind, they're only passable in socialism and debauchery. Money still wins in the end)

There should be more Jesus movies. And I mean GOOD Jesus movies. I'm not talking about the craptastic The Last Temptation of Christ. With Wilem Dafoe. Like, HUH? Ok, lets leave out all the post-modernist dribble about Jesus' allegid sex life... lets get to the important part. Green. Goblin. Jesus. Christ.

Yeah, that's what I though. YOU wanna go cower in a corner somewhere, don't you?? Put on your bright yellow t-shirt and sing about the invertibret that lives in a pinapple under the sea. Why? because it hurts less.


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