Thursday, March 10, 2005

Leather is evil, acceptance e-mails and piano lessons

Killing cows for their leather is one thing. I just kinda hope you eat the meat too, being wasteful sucks. What's evil about leather is it's tendancy to stretch out of shape when it gets wet. With all this snow, my shoes have spent a lot of time getting soaked, and my feet have spent a lot of time squishing around the shoes. Stretching them out of shape. Now my feet swim in them even when said shoes are not wet. Which is a damned shame. They were my only pair of black flats. They were hideous as hell, but great for wearing pants. I'm a fricking analyst. There's something wrong with you if you're looking at my shoes while I'm trying to solve your problem. And quit looking through the phone line. That's just creepy.

I got an e-mail from the school of information sciences that I was accepted to the grad program. I'm having second thoughts. I want a masters, but I'd like to take piano lessons too. I've wanted to take piano lessons for a long time. I guess there'll be time enough after school. As long as I don't die in a fiery car wreck or something on my way to graduation. In which case, I'll be megapissed(r). Cuz, y'know, I really WANTED those piano lessons. I'd be happy writing full time. I'd be happy singing full time. It's the library addiction that's going to pay for the other two "hobbies" I suppose. I'm not sure if I'm selling out or being sensible. Maybe being sensible is selling out.

Back to the subject of e-mails... it felt kind of cheap and informal, but I found out like a whole three days earlier than if they'd have mailed out an acceptance letter. Still, if I get a letter, I'm going to frame it or something. Oh well. At least if I have a masters, I qualify to teach on a college level. That may or may not be good.


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