Monday, March 21, 2005

The lost art of art.

"Music, like all artistic languages," writes the Holy Father in his message, "brings man closer to God. ... Yet at the same time, art can on occasion transmit a conception of man, of love and of happiness that does not correspond to the truth of God's design. For this reason it is necessary to discern clearly."

The Pope also affirms that young people must "renew the languages of art and of culture," and have the courage "not to accept forms of behavior and entertainment marked by noise and excess."


I had a huge post to go with this, but the Internet ate it. It may reappear later with a different time stamp on it. All I will say (or have time to say) is that I'm tired of us exhalting crap and calling it art. Art implies mastery of craft and a trancending of craft. Not vomiting something up from your "creative side" and calling it art as a means of justification or explination, or perhaps as a talisman of protection against criticism. If you suck and your content is vapid and just copying whatever pedantic crap the next guy's churning out, then you just suck. Quit disguising your banal, pedantic crap and calling it art.

I went to a conservatory where the debate of "what is art" was always on the table. I'll tell you a few things: I learned some craft stuff there. I also learned a lot of bull shit. Philisophically, such as 'the nature of art' and other intellectual elitist garbage, but also content wise, and what thoughts were worth thinking, and what subjects were worth broaching and how. For the most part what goes on in "the artistic community" is the same stuff that goes on in the mainstream--intellectual masturbation. Then all the "artists" pat each other on the back at what a good, thought-provoking idea you've spewed forth.

Meanwhile, there's very little original about it. It's confined strictly to the realm of ideas that the "artists" have deemed to be thinkable, and no real intellectual or artistic progress has been made. It's why everything on the radio is regurgitated garbage. It's why most new plays suck, and don't last very long on Broadway. It's why "literature" is really just a genre for the intelectual elitists that won't admit that all those crappy imitations of The Great Gatsby that they call works of art are really just crappy imitations.

The Passion of the Christ is art. It explored something that we have been trying to fathom for 2000 years. It made people think. It even created controvercy and was misunderstood, the way "good art" should be. Farenheit 911 was NOT art. It was an overly opinionated work of half-truth/half-fiction that didn't challenge anybody's anything. All it did was give a big ol' intellectual hand-job to the far-far left fanatics that hate Bush and his agenda to the point of irration and already believe the way Moore believes.

Nudity, debauchery, bling... BORING. Overdone. Unpretty. Not exactly uplifting the soul.

What I'm trying to say is I'm tired of crap. How's about we concentrate, as a society, on making the antithisis of crap. I know this is going to be hard. Intellectual vomit is our golden calf. But work with me here.

(ps, yes, I KNOW I managed to get "masturbation" and "hand-job" in the same entry with an extended quote from the pope. And yes, I feel bad about that.)


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