Monday, March 28, 2005

Making the overnight rock

Yeah, I'm working the overnight. You know what could have made this overnight rock my entire world??? BRAVEHEART. Y'know, THE BEST FRICKING MOVIE EVER.

Well, maybe it's not the best movie EVER, but it's my comfort movie of choice. I went through a time when it was Hook, then it was Return of the Jedi. I didn't have a vcr in college, so I didn't have one during college, but I did listen to the soundtrack for Braveheart and Les Miserables an insane and disturbing number of times. Then during that less than happy period when I got out of college and got a real job and tried to kill myself by taking everything in my medicine cabinet I really didn't have anything, I just played Cartoon network, the History Channel or VH1 in the background all the time (yeah, VH1, what the hell was *I* thinking? Maybe that's why I fricking tried to kill myself).

So now Braveheart totally fills the "something comforting to play in the background while I'm doing other stuff" void. There's just one catch--I don't have a copy of it :( Sadness and disallusionment. Though it is $13 at walmart, and I could totally pick it up for myself but it'd be way cooler if my husband did it for me.


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