Monday, March 07, 2005

More reasons why I'm going to hell.

I did see some signs of hope on sunday. That one kid was wearing clothes, and as far as I could tell wasn't eating through mass. You know the one I'm talking about. The one who's mom and friend insist on sitting with both broods in the row they removed the front of for the handicapped parishioners, when the only handicap I can see from where I'm sitting is laziness exacerbated by stupidity.

The above would be one more reason I'm doomed. I snapped about three weeks ago, and I can't control the meanness and nastiness towards rude, stupid inconsiderate cattle people.

More reasons: I didn't approve the psalm change before I did it. Same psalm number, but even I have to admit the words are a little weird. And I only did three verses because I didn't feel like messing with the other two, which're irregular and I had exactly 20 min to dig something up and kind of go over it. Then I did the plain chant lamb of God because I hate both of the ones I had sheet music for (though I'd like to thank dad for leaving me a copy of the mass of creation. That's the second time in less than a week he's been thoughtful and stuff. I think he's about to evolve into a human being. Or at least a more powerful pokemon). Then I just didn't sing the communion meditation that i was informed I would be singing. I practiced it and stuff. I just didn't feel like it by the time it came around. I hate the words. Can't we all just go back to singing in latin all the time? If I don't understand the words, there's less of a chance I'll have my brain exploded by them. But that aside, they dont seem to write those stupid "us-centric" songs in Latin. At least as far as I can tell by my limited grasp of Latin and the english translation underneath, they don't seem that way.

Mostly I'm going to hell because I'm frustrated with stupidity. Professionally, in my personal life, and at church. I'm just so sick of people cutting out early, people incapable of staying in the pew until Fr. passes, even when he asks nicely and makes it a personal plea, people who do all the insane things previously mentioned on this blog... all of it. I'd slap 'em around if I wern't so damned passive-aggressive. Like pancake lady. I had to just leave because that was the week I snapped. I'd have started screaming at her if I wouldn't have just vacated the building. People who leave crap in the pews. Look, I know you're reading the bulletin during the readings. I get that you can't concentrate on "bible stuff" for more than 30 seconds at a time. However, someone has to CLEAN UP all the stupid bulletins that you shove in various crevises (crevi?) and orifices (orifi?) of the pew. Usually it's me, because I'm extremely selfish and I know if my husband has to do it, we're going to be at church even LONGER, and usually by the end of mass my head's about ready to explode. Once again, I point out that this is the antithesis of how things should be at church and how one should feel at church. But hey, man, it's just MY problem. You know.

Oh yeah, and while I'm complaining about all the reasons I'm going to hell, I just wanna throw out there that all the designs I've seen for the new church are a) hideous and b) EXACTLY what I expected.



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You kill me. Hee! :)

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