Friday, March 04, 2005

Oh wait, I forgot to bitch about life today.

Yeah. Sucks to be me, bla bla bla, MY LIFE! MY PAIN!!!! bla bla bla...

I did get some pretty awesome smelling candles that're one of my favorite colors (Pictures to be posted momentarily) You can take a look at my engagement ring and venture a guess as to why. I likes piddies and shinies.

Jenn, if you read this, I hope you are having fun in Manchester. Once in a lifetime opportunity and all that. I promise to post her pics when she gets back.

What else? My home sweet home is turning into a gamer haven slowly but surely. Last weekend we had one friend over to play battletec, sunday it shall be two. Then next week I'll have every nerd in the greater metropolitan area in my living room rolling 3d and asking for more Mountain Dew. Hopefully I can use the opportunity to get some writing done. It's not bloody likely. But y'know. Everybody hasta have hopes and dreams.


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