Thursday, March 17, 2005

old, fat Sherlock Holmes

I've been home sick from work yesterday and today. Today I finally got sick enough of daytime tv to put ona video. I got Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady off of ebay ages ago, and never watched it the whole way through (Not sure why). So I put that in. First of all... Christopher Lee as Old Fat Sherlock Holmes. And a slightly, very nearly sentimental one at that. How funny. Love those classic freak/mutant Christopher Lee hands. But Morgan Fairchild as Irene Adler *shudder* I LIKE the Irene Adler character. But I believe Morgan Fairchild has been sent from hell to torment me. She FREAKS ME OUT, MAN! And it aint just because I'm hopped up on DayQuil (which I highly reccomend to anyone who wants to talk to elephants on the walls). Like she's always freaked me out. She hasn't aged. I mean, you can tell Joan Rivers has had so much surgery that dimple on her chin is really her belly button. But she still looks old. I'm not sure what Morgan Fairchild does (other than sleeping in a bottle of brine every night) but I'm sure it involved a deal with the devil, because even after surgery, people still look old. And she looks freakily NOT old. And plastic surgery is just yucky. So don't do it. moisturize, use a good toner, and just accept your wrinkles. You're entitled to them.


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