Monday, March 14, 2005

Pork Pizza

To answer the question asked:

There's a place around here that has a $3.99 all you can eat Pizza buffet. It's decent pizza, good variety. They have a bbq pork pizza that's $4.99 takeout for a 10 cut large. Really good when you have a husband home sick and yuo're starting to feel cranky too, so you don't wanna cook. Their sicillian's also the closest to real sicillian that I've had in years.


Blogger laurenbove said...

YUM sounds way too good. I know about sick hubbys. I can relate girl.

Hope everyone is feeling well. I wish I had some pork pizza.

I made hot dogs in a frying pan with bacon...fried onions...and buns that I buttered and grilled.


7:45 PM  

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