Wednesday, March 09, 2005

*shudder* run for your lives

PLEASE don't try this at home.

Like, CRAP man. The freakyass part is the little pink stick... AAKKK. Ok, I hate my body and stuff. I bet most of us do. But I draw the line, somewhere, man. I knew a REALLY cute Asian girl (hell, I'd have done her) in college and she CONSTANTLY was talking about how she wanted to get plastic surgery done so that she would have an eye crease. AKKK. Just leave your face alone!! Everybody wants to be original and a unique fricking snowflake and revel in their ethnic-ness but everyone wants to make themselves look like everyone else. Jennifer Gray got a nose job, and we see what happened to her career after that.

I am hyper sensitive to plastic surgery. I can tell when anyone's had it done, even mild surgery, and I HATE it. Nicole Kidman was the most beautiful lady in all the world (IMHO) and I thought she was aging gracefully... Then she goes and gets surgery done, now she looks like an evil 60's Barbie. And Meg Ryan should get her money back. For heavens sakes.

I'm sure somehow, through my despising of other people's plastic surgery I should somehow reach some sort of epiphany regarding my own appearance. Naw. I'm too shallow for that.


Blogger Gretchen said...

Ew! I get nervous about eyelash curlers. You can keep the forked pink sticks away from my eyes, thankyouverymuch!

8:57 PM  

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