Friday, March 25, 2005

Stress relief iced tea. To the second power, even.

So I have this bottle of Arizona Iced Tea that's supposed to reduce stress. It's a pretty hefty bottle, too. 42 fl. oz., which is like five servings and enough to throroughly water-log yourself if you're drinking it from the bottle instead of a glass, like a civilized person. Aparently my husband griped to the right people at the gas station (and also didn't actually put GAS in the car, I might add, good thing the gas station's at the bottom of the hill instead of the TOP, I'm riding on fumes, man), and they gave him a free bottle of the stuff. Which he was so kind to share with me, probably because when I showed up for/with dinner, I was a total basket case.

The thing is, this bottle looks like a Captain Morgan bottle. Which'd be totally awesome. That's REAL stress relief--a bottle full of al-kee-hol. That'd totally make the rest of my day at work suck less.

Work doesn't suck, work couldn't be better. It's a quiet, happy place. It's me that sucks. I know I'm a grumpy psycho and I can't seem to get myself out of it.

Le Sigh.


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