Friday, March 11, 2005

Teh reason taht societie iz on da dekline

Blame Strongbad for every bad habit I have ever exhibited both on the internet and in my personal life. It started innocently enough. One dark and sunny night, I began refering to Ted as The Ted. You know. To go with The Ted Box and The Ted Chair, items already so unique and highly evolved as to merit a definate article. A friend as unique and highly evolved also deserved such an article. Like The Cheet. No one questions whether The Cheet is entitled to his article. It is merely accepted.

Next there were intermittant periods of screaming out 'burninating the peasents... IN THEIR THATCHED ROOF COTTAGES!!!!!!" loudly. On the phone. At work. Slowly words like "bwoken" and "re-ZON-able" crept into ye olde vocabulary. Which is OK. When you deal with people in every-day life that act the way Homestar talks, it's a perfectly normal leap to make. Methinkst.

However, when you, yourself are a grammar Nazi, and you start TALKING the way AIMing teenagers type, there should be a line drawn. It all started with Strongbad mentioning Teh FOOtar. You know. The future. Now I actually say Teh. Teh Ted. Teh Ted Chair. Everything is rilly rilly gewd. I Lohl at things all the time. Sometimes, things're just so gee-arr-8 that I can't stand it. Like sewiously you guiz. Sewiously.


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