Saturday, March 26, 2005

That Taketh Away...

Behold the Lamb of God
That Taketh Away
The Sins of the World

It just ain't Easter without Handel's Messiah. It ain't Christmas without it either. So, I listened to the one Good Friday track that's on the Christmas CD, and then I'm going to put it in the car and listen to the second CD while we embark upon the great and glorious task of getting James pants. It's not that he waits until he's down to one pair of pants, he waits till he is down to no pairs of pants and a pair of jean shorts. Like, I dunno, man. When I need clothes I go buy 'em. Last time I still had $200 left on the credit card when I was done (a triumph of the will, I know). But DUDE. I own more than ONE FRICKING PAIR OF PANTS. PANTS ARE IMPORTANT.

< /vent>

So, yeah. Busy day today, busy day yesterday. Busy day tomorrow. And then I'm working 11pm-7am, so tomorrow is going to be doubly long insofar as it will be Monday before Sunday ends. Do you dig?

Oh yeah, and I'm obviously a cryer, I've discovered. Like cry at a Halmark commercial type cryer. I was all weapy on Palm Sunday when they reopened All Saints (scroll down to previous posts) and on Thursday night after mass I started with All Saints on my traditional 7 church walk, and I showed up at the end of their mass, and they were singing In Rememberance of Me, which has a simple but haunting melody, and was just SO beautiful with the strings and a full/real choir and I got all weapy. Like not teary-eyed, like SOBBING. And Melissa comes walking back during communion and sees me crying my eyes out.

I did have a nice time going to churches with my parents. We went to St. Anthony's Chapel (DUDE, I HAVE TO POST A LINK. THAT PLACE IS CRAZY!!!), St Mary of the Mount on Mt. Washington. That was kind of disappointing. The interior looked so modernized and sterile. I'm growing to hate plain white walls in churches.

And Epiphany near Melon Arena. It also had a slightly sterilized interior. It was nice to see the communion rail still there, though. And the moseic above the altar depicting the epiphany was awesome. I wish the lights on the altar had been on--the reds and blues and golds were just magificant. All three of those churches are on the register of historic places. I hope they can do that with St. Mary's in Sharpsburg. Which I tried to go to, and was closed at 10:20. I made it to St. Scholasticas which is a modernist nightmare. It looks like, I kid you not, an Egyptian temple. All the art is in that same theme. It's a little scarry.

I made it to six churches, because I had to pick up James. Next year I'll make it to seven :) It was nice to make little mini pilgramages, spend time "waiting with the Lord," then taking another mini pilramage to the next church. I had a nice evening with my parents. My dad really IS becoming a human being. It's exciting to see. Yesterday, we even had a real conversation in the car when he was driving me up to work.

Yesterday was a blur. I'm not even sure I'm prepared to talk about the drama and trauma of procuring dinner. It ended up being fried food and more fried food. Le Sigh.


Blogger Gretchen said...

I never used to cry easily at all. I always worried people because I had NO emotions. Now? I cry at commercials, at sappy reality TV shows, at furry squirrels in the backyard....

9:42 PM  

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