Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Way to go, federal judge.

So a federal judge upheld the Florida court's decision

U.S. District Judge James Whittemore (search) said Bob and Mary Schindler (search) had not established a "substantial likelihood of success" at trial on the merits of their arguments.

I am very worried for a society that has a culture where this stuff is OK. There are several nurses who have signed affidavids that state they fed Terri Schivo. One even put a rolled up papertowl in her hand to prevent her fingers from curling, until Husband of the Year Michael Schivo told her to stop, that that was "therapy." There's also a doctor that examined her that says he believes she was strangled.

Convenient how Michael only remembered Terri's "wishes" a) after he got the settlement money and b) after the statute of limitations was up.

This guy's going to get away with it. And these agenda-hungry judges are going to help him along the way. They won't test to see if she can swallow food (though she can swallow her own spit), they won't look into the possibility that Michael put her where she's at, because that'd interfere with their little agenda. Don't let a little thing like the facts interfere with your decision. Basically, at this point, the courts are helping Michael finish what he started 15 or so years ago. He wants her dead, and the people who have the power to actually DO something about it are letting him finish the job.

Way to fricking Go. I'm glad our laws protect the most vulnerable in our society. We're so caught up on the theoretical rights of theoretical people, that as long as we don't need to see them suffering and dying, we can hold onto our theoretical arguments of what we think it would be like to deal with a severely retarded person, all we know is that it'd be hard and "no one should have to go through that." (See previous posts on life sucking and no one SHOULD go through anything tough/suffer but that's LIFE, we all go through tough things at one point in time or another)

It also disturbs me that food and water are considered extra ordinary means of keeping someone alive. I think that's probably the core of this case, the thing they're missing, because they're so stuck on their 'right to die' agenda (even to the extent of ignoring the dubious evidence that Terri would WANT to die). Just because someone can't walk to the fridge and feed themselves doesn't mean that they deserve to die.

Excuse me while I invoke the name of Christopher Reeve and suggest that HE probably would have minded being left alone in a room to die because he couldn't do for himself. But oh wait, we could HEAR his cries of hunger. He did say he was depressed and wanted to die in the beginning, but his family stuck by him, and they were all grateful for the time they had, in whatever form they had it.

And some idiots have decided, or have decided to placate us by telling us that Terri won't suffer. We don't starve prisioners. We don't starve dying puppies. We put puppies out of their misary, even if they ARE in a condition where we BELIEVE they can't feel anything.

Terri has been without food and water since Friday. It's Tuesday. How would YOU feel? Even in her child-like state (I saw one CNN article where a doctor was quoted as saying she had the relative intellegence of a 6 month old), where you didn't fully UNDERSTAND what was going on, don't you think the survival NEED to eat and drink to live would affect you? PAIN is the primal method that our body helps itself to survive. It tells us we're in danger from heat and cold or hunger or thirst. Babies CRY when they're hungry.

We wouldn't starve a 6 month old, would we? Probably. If they were imperfect in some way, and we were imposing our own standards of what "quality" of life they should be experiencing. We ESPECIALLY would, if the baby was mute, and we couldn't hear her scream.

It's amazing what we're willing to do someone "in theory," when we don't have to watch her die. I wish those judges, and the members of congress who protested against it could go in there and watch her slowly starve.

Congratulations, America. We fricking suck.


Blogger Janna said...

It's scary, isn't it. It reminds me of The Giver, where they euthanize the too old and the too sick. But at least there they don't let people starve to death.

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too many people became inviolved and for the wrong reasons. Life and existance are not one in the same! Only those closest knew! Butt out all other do gooders! H_

6:52 AM  

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