Friday, March 18, 2005

What kind of a world do we live in?

I don't talk about religion/politics. However, I do complain about stuff that hacks me off. And not only does this hack me off, but it has me terrified for the kind of a world where we live in.

We don't electrocute people any more. That's cruel. You see, it takes several seconds, sometimes several minutes for them to die. It's thought to be painful. In the olden golden days sometimes it didn't work. You'd fry someone, and the little ticker'd still be doing it's ratta pat pat. And these're people who have usually done something horrible--so horrible, in fact, that a segment of society feels that they should not be allowed to continue living.

No, we dig lethal injection now-a-days. It's more humane for someone to die almost instantly/painlessly (though I do hear they lapse into a coma and end up suffocating). There's a segment of the population that feels that people should not be executed. Some because they do not believe in "an eye for an eye" (Though I think even Hammurabi would think this is nuts). Some because they believe in the sacredness of life, that all people are entitled to their life despire viability, quality of life, or what has done with said life. Some like to err on the side of life, since it's impossible to know infallibly (not just beyond the shadow of a doubt) that the convicted is guilty, and they do not wish to execute someone in error. I think back to around 2000 when I was living in Chicago, and 10 people from Death Row were exonerated due to DNA evidence, confessions, etc.

I get that.

Meanwhile, skip to this story.

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. (AP) - Doctors removed Terri Schiavo's feeding tube Friday despite an extraordinary, last-minute push by Republicans on Capitol Hill to use the subpoena powers of Congress to save the severely brain-damaged woman.

It is expected that it will take one to two weeks for Schiavo, 41, to die, provided no one intercedes and gets the tube reinserted. Michael Schiavo's attorney, George Felos, said his client was at his wife's side shortly after the tube was removed.

We wouldn't treat criminals like this. But we treat a severely handicapped woman like this. Or allow her to husband to. She has brain dammage. She is not brain dead. Food and water recieved through the tube are what keep her alive. You know, the way McDonalds and trips to the water faucette keep US alive. We can get off our lazy asses and do for ourselves. But we're neglecting this poor woman to death.

Because once upon a time (or so her husband claims) they were watching a movie with a handicapped woman in it, and she said that she wouldn't want to live like that.


"Terri is not terminal," he said. "If we feed Terri ... she will live another 30 to 40 years."

He described Schiavo as "responsive," though he acknowledged she functions at the level of a 6- to 11-month-old child. She recognizes her family, he said. "She teases. She plays. She smiles. She tries to talk." Schiavo also can breathe and swallow on her own, he said.

I have a question. Do YOU want to live in a coma? Do YOU want be paralized? Do YOU want to lose your arm in a climing accident? We think and accept, for the most part, that people who go out seeking pain or tragidy have a screw loose. That is as it should be.

However, suffering is a part of life. Crappy things happen to dampen our day and sometimes cost us money ranging from dumping five pounds of sugar on our own head then having to sweep it up with a broom (ahh, has it only been three weeks?) or accidently knocking over a set of shelves in the garage that then go THROUGH the garage door, thus necessitating a new garage door, garage door opener and set of shelves be purchased.

Oh yeah, and all those screws you had in jars on the shelves are now all over the driveway, and when you pulled out to get tarp to cover the garage door before the impending storm gathering overhead, you punctured your tire with a piece of glass you missed while sweeping up. Holy crap, sucks to be you. I'll help in any way I can, I'll drive you to go get a new tire and some tarp, I'll help you reorganize your three quarter inch and five eighths inch nuts and dig washers out of cracks in the asphalt. Human suffering sucks, and we do our best to help others when things suck for them. We HOPE but do not EXPECT they will do the same for us, like that one time I fell getting out of the shower in my brand new appartment, that I had not yet bought a bathmat for and busted those weird little bones in my foot and mom had to drive 20 minutes into the city to get me to the hospital right across the street.

Is it right, fun, or fair? No. Real suffering is like that--it's not something we choose, it just comes upon us with the death of a loved one (we are ALL going to die some day, there is NO ESCAPING that our loved ones are going to leave us), tragic accidents, illness, incapacitation, financial ruin, horrible things being inflicted upon us, you name it. No, they're not right, fun, or fair, but they happen. Life's what happens while we're waiting for the ump to start calling the high ones strikes. Most people deal with it. Newly developed disabilities, children who arn't perfect with an entire world of possibilities ahead of them... it's not an ideal life, but what is? Dealing with reality means doing something with the hand you're delt, instead of whining about a theoretical hand of cards you could have or SHOULD have been delt.

It looks to me like her family wants to take care of her. They've said they have, they've said they want to love her and be with her as she is now, not as she can't be any longer.

But no, Judge Greer and Terri's husband are right--Terri would have wanted it this way. She would have wanted a long, torturous death that we wouldn't inflict on a terrorist or criminal because of it's inhumane cruelty.

Also from

Asked why, if she can swallow, a feeding tube is necessary, Gibbs said he has inquired whether Schiavo could receive food by mouth, and "courts in Florida have said no. The order is to stop all food and water."
This sounds like a Nazi death camp, not the United States of America, where life and liberty are supposed to be prized and protected above all else. It makes me sad and depressed for the type of nation we have become.

I think this is an activist judge with an agenda. It seems beyond common sense to me that "food" should be extraordinary means of keeping someone alive. We don't walk away and starve infants that can't feed themselves. We don't let people who're paralized and can't walk to the fridge to feed themselves die. We shouldn't let someone who hasn't even been tested to see if she can swallow die just because even if she COULD swallow food, her husband would probably STILL forbid them from feeding her jello.

Which leads me to the husband. If he's not guilt of something, then why's he acting like a guilty man? He won't let them work with his wife for therapy, she had an infection he wouldn't let them treat... the list goes on and on... he's basically been trying to kill her from neglect. And he's obviously OK with the idea of his wife starving to death.

I love my husband and all, but he'd better not stand between me and a candybar, much less STARVE me to death (please note, if I ever become incapacitated like Terri--I do NOT want to be starved to death, ok? Thanks).

He also wants her body creamated.

Come on, kids, we've ALL seen this episode of CSI/Law and Order/The Practice/Boston Legal/Mr. Rogers. Why do you THINK he wants her gone and brushed under the carpet???

Ok. Maybe this last tidbit will put things in perspective. Terri's loving husband, who wants nothing more than for her own wishes to be carried out has a girlfriend. Oh yeah, and he has two children with this girlfriend.

Why not grant a divorce and allow her parents to have custody then??

I'm sure at this point I don't need to draw you a map: he can't allow her parents to have custody--there were suspicions and there was some evidence of prior abuse. If her parents were to have her treated properly, this'd probably be found out to be true. If she does die, and they allow her parents to burry Terri, then there's the possibility that they will exhume her later or have an autopsy performed before burrial, which would lead back to him, if any abuse occoured. There is speculation that it wasn't a potassium deficiency that put her into her current state. If he's not guilty of something (other than "loving his wife TOO MUCH"-- I think I'm going to gag), then why's he acting so darned guilty.

Because, y'know, Scott Peterson's intentions were just soooo misunderstood.

I think this whole rediculous scenario is just to avoid prosecution and "destroy evidence" if you will. It's not just me watching too much TV, either. I have a friend who represents little gems like him all the time, and she's with me on this one. And Greer, being the sweetheart he is, is so stuck on his damned agenda that Terri won't get due process, nor will there be a criminial investigation.

This is probably the saddest thing in my life. The saddest injustice in my lifetime in the courts.

Maybe this'll wake people up in regards to the courts overstepping their power. Ever notice how if it's a law they don't like personally, they just up and declare it 'unconstitutional'?? Did YOU see anything in the constitution about executing minors?? NO. The world thinks it's naughty and certain judges want the world to like us better, so kablewy, it's unconstituional.

Maybe this'll wake people up regarding the slipery slope we're on with our rampid disregard for life. We have NO standards any more. Euthanasia's cool. But really, from this decision, I get that execution isn't just for criminals any more.

I guess the point is... get a living will. Right the hell now.

Still, that won't help Terri, now will it?

Man... people suck.


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