Monday, April 18, 2005

Actually reading the words is optional

This idea is why a lot of people in my field have jobs--customers who're too [censored] to read the [censored] manual. [censored] [censored]

[entire rant censored]

But more importantly, I think it's why I read boring things too slowly. I'm actually trying to READ them. Like JSA. Great concept for a comic book, like the characters, story telling style is boring as all hell. I open up that, and a few other books, and all I see are wordswordswordswordswords that have absolultely no meaning to me because they look like Peanuts adults talking.

So I'm reading this one book right now, and a few things have impressed themselves upon me:

1) Wow, people in the 19th century used some cool words in casual conversation. It appeals to me on the werd-nerd level. I keep stopping reading and say "HAH!! HE JUST SAID ----- in a sentence!"

2) There're so many swell words in quick succession that they lost their impact and their coolness. They slow down what's going on and don't get straight to the point which my little ADD mind finds annoying. Shortest distance between two points being a straight line and all.

3) Think of all the static, meaninless, PC words we use now-a-days. The lack of impact is monumentally staggaring in it's patheticness. People a hundred and fifty years ago expressed themselves in such a grandiose manner ALL the time that maybe it DIDNT mean anything--and maybe it did. We're all so damned wishy-washy now days, we don't want to commit to anything. If you commit to meaning something, you can't twist your own words around when you get into trouble to mean just about anything. People seemed more comittal back then. Or at least it's my perception.

4) werds r rilly gewd.

5) I'm much happier with the book now that I'm just kind of skimming. It's like... bla bla bla, not caring about the ships on the harbor. It's a harbor. There're ships. I can imagine what it looks like, I've seen enough movies involving 19th century harbors. Look... two pages later, dialogue and actual action! Haaza!

6) Maybe I need to just stop being such an ADD-head. Still, I can just glance over the page and a half of pointless description, pick out the adjectives and the occational noun, and build an image in my head of what he'd be saying if he wern't such a boring [censored].

Post Script:

FINALLY saw The Unquiet Dead last night. The Doctor TOTALLY needs to be in hug therapy. "There, there, Doctor. It's OK. Just let it all out." And he can punch pillows and learn how to express himself and stuff.


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