Thursday, April 14, 2005

Another Letter

Dear High School Drop Out Working the Taco Bell Drive Thru at 11am on a Thursday,

Helpful hints for taking my order:

1) Do not cut me off half way through my order and give me a total.

2) No, I'm not going to eat all that food by myself, bitch. Get that tone out of your voice.

3) When I say NO BEANS, I may, in fact, mean NO BEANS. You know, because I DONT FUCKING LIKE BEANS.

4) When I say NO TOMATOS, THIS IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE MY HUSBAND HAS AN ALLERGY, that does not mean put both beans AND to tomatos on the burrito that I plan on sharing with my husband.

5) You are the reason that the minimum wage should NOT be raised. People who are incompetent due to personal laziness and not due to mental deficiency should try to do at least the bare minimum asked of them by their employers. The retarded kids at McDonalds not only try harder than you, but they're NICER. And when they mess up, it's an honest mistake, not ignorance or spite. Stop smoking the pot, get an education, and stop bitching about how we need to raise the minimum wage because you need a new bong.


The Customer Who Is on the Verge of Ripping off Your Head and Spitting in the Bloody Stump That Once Was Your Neck.

Is it too much to ask for a burrito without beans and tomatos?? I don't like beans or potatoes, their pasty texture makes me think of eating throw-up. Now I'm going to have to stop at taco bell on my way to work, and take that damned thing back. Cuz, y'know, I have all the fricking time in the world.

And once again, no e-mail, please. I know I'm a bad Christian and I'm going to hell because whenever an asshole is an asshole in my general direction, and I'm forced to bear the full brunt of their assitude, I take it personally. I'm offended that there're assholes in the world. We live in a country so fricking worried about offending other people... where are the people being careful of MY feelings??



Blogger AnonymousCog said...


Just because you have cussed from time to time and get angry when people treat you bad does not make you a "bad Christian"-that's Bullshit.
(that was for emphasis...)

What do I mean? Cussing is just another sin like being selfish, gossiping, or, maybe....gosh I don't know....JUDGING OTHERS! If you take the time to send someone an email telling them they aren't a good Christian, you really have your wires crossed.

A good Christian is one who believes the bible, and has faith in the blood of Jesus to wash their sins. A good Christian puts forth effort to live a good life, but knows they will always need his grace because they are human...

Sorry, didn't mean to rant. It just pissed me off that someone would send an email like that...


7:54 PM  

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