Monday, April 18, 2005

The cardinals should totally mess with the media

Ok, the media's SO fricking stupid that they have decided they will ring the chapel bell when a new pope is elected, in addition to the white smoke (wouldn't wanna confuse the poor simpleton minds that brought you such phrases as "the allegid suspect," et al).

They should get someone to TiVo the media coverage (since they're not allowed to watch the news, etc. till a new pope is elected) and then start sending up different colored smoke, just so the media call fall apart in their efforts to speculate and guess what it means.

"I think I see... yes, it's PLUM SMOKE. This MUST mean they have elected GRIMACE as the new head of the Catholic Church."

"There is some speculation that the presence of magenta smoke means that in a surprise move, the Catholic Church will now have Barney as it's leader!"

"Green smoke? We didn't even know the Joker was Catholic!"

DAYS and DAYS of fun. You'd have to have an entire server farm of tivos to capture all the hillarity that'd ensue.


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