Saturday, April 23, 2005

Comicon 2005

See pictures below :)

We saw and did other stuff, but I really didn't take too many pictures. We stayed pretty much until they kicked us out. Jenn had a good time, which is very cool. She's going to come back sunday. She would have come tomorrow, but she has to fulfill her duties as minister at the temple of consumerism (she hasta work at the mall). She quit a couple of weeks ago, and they granted her wish of cutting her hours (44 a week is totally insane) and made her a shift supervisor. Remind me why that doesn't work for the rest of us?

I called off work. I had a nice row with James and my already scratchy throat got uber-raw. And as usually happens when I'm sick and stay home, I end up going somewhere with someone. I had Satan's Little Flu(r) last month and I called off two days in a row because I was like on the verge of death or something, and the next day, Saturday, I cancle my voice lesson and my brother drags me to the zoo. Oh yeah, and lets not forget the night I was throwing up last summer and got hauled to the Harry Potter release party. I can think of a zillion times when I had earaches and everything else and somehow ended up at the zoo. It's like guys, come on. If I'm too sick to go to work, maybe I'm too sick to have fun too. Today wasn't bad tho. I just had no fricking voice. It's hard to talk on the phone without a working voice. Sitting on one's own behind and listening to Ernie Hudson dish the shit on 10-8 and Ghostbusters and Congo was swell. And the sketch event was the funnest. That being said, I still feel weird things in the back of my throat. I blame Jesse and her stinky-ass fur. I was sneezy and stuff before she even left the house. St00pid dogz.

So, more pics tomorrow, I guess.


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