Saturday, April 23, 2005

Eventually, I'll have to let it go

I have this Andrew Lloyed Webber Royal Albert Hall dvd out of the library. It's a mixed bag--some of it's pretty good like Sunset Boulevard and The Phantom of the Opera (I actually enjoyed Antonio Banderez singing the title song) and some of it I can do without. Whistle down the wind and Joseph... being a few. There's one song on here "The Heart is Slow to Learn" which is just gorgeous. And Kiri Te Kanawa sings it, who has an amazing voice. Unfortunately, this is almost the only recording of it. From what I've been able to find out, it's also on some two zillion disk set that I a) can't afford and b) don't want the rest of the music on. The LAST thing I ever want to hear again in the course of my life is Steve Harley singing All I Ask of You with Sarah Brightman.

There's also no sheet music available, nor is there other artists' recordings of this song because the composer, bless his little leprichaun heart, stripped out the terrific orchestrations, changed the words to something much lamer and set it in a lower (and much more boring) key. So that's quite bumming. I think this should count as a song that got away.


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